Our Story

Coca Proxies V.O.F. is a young company established in 2019 in the Netherlands.
We aim to offer the best and highest quality of virtual IPv4 services, Residential networks and Virtual Windows Servers.

Coca Proxies consists out of a team of 7 people with a high passion in the field of the IT-branch. We are continuously busy to improve the quality of our services. Whether its in terms of speeds, uptime or order handling and customer service.

Our team motto is: “The customer’s success is our success” and with this motto we put our primary focus on the performance of our services. We believe that a happy customer is a returning customer and that is exactly the reason why we put so much emphasis on the quality of our products.

If you have any questions about our business, or have any other inquiry. Please feel free to contact us via E-mail at info@cocaproxies.com or just join our discord support server and open a support ticket!