Purchases via the Dashboard
The product that you buy is a digital service and is not a physical good. If the product is delivered automatically and instantly in the user dashboard (https://www.coca.proxydashboards.com) right after the purchase it can not be returned nor refunded. This means that these sales are 100% final and cannot be returned nor refunded.

Purchases via the website
All purchases made via the website (https://www.cocaproxies.com) will be delivered within 24 hours after the purchase/payment has been made. Before the delivery takes place it is possible to cancel your order and request for a refund. If the delivery has been made the sale is final and cannot be revoked.

Returns & Malfunctions:
Due to that the service will de delivered digitally it is impossible to return the service. If there are any malfunctions with the Service that can be accounted to Coca Proxies, Coca Proxies will repair or replace the service. The downtime will be compensated per day that the malfunction of the service is reported.

If you experience any problems with our services, have any questions or want to file a complaint.
Please send us an E-mail (info@cocaproxies.com) or contact us via our ticket system in the support discord server. Access to the support discord server can be found on the upper right of the user dashboard by clicking on the gamer console/discord logo.