1. Terms:
    By making use of the website https://www.cocaproxies.com means that you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and services stated below and you are responsible to be compliant with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms you are not allowed to make use of any of our services.
  2. Product Description:
    Coca Proxies delivers data center services and residential IP-services that can be used for a variety of purposes. All data center services are based on a periodic subscription of either a day, a week or a month and can be extended at any time. All residential IP services are delivered in the form of internet data per Gigabyte, the subscription ends when all purchased data has been used.
  3. Delivery:
    All products and services sold by Coca Proxies are delivered within 24 hours in the user dashboard of Coca Proxies. In order to access the dashboard you need to login with your discord account. To go to the user dashboard go to https://www.coca.proxydashboards.com.
  4. Terms of using Coca Proxies:
    All subscriptions purchased are active from the moment of receiving the digital services and will end after the purchased subscription ends (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • In order to view your purchase of one of the services of Coca Proxies you need to log in to the client area with a Discord account (https://www.discord.com).
  • All goods and services rendered by Coca Proxies are provided directly by Coca Proxies to the customer. Due to this, Coca Proxies is responsible to finalize the transactions, customer service and dispute handling.
  • All services are tested and fully working on the websites where the packs are promoted on. If any of our services are blocked on any website during the time of your subscription it is your own responsibility and they cannot be replaced.
  • When renewing a subscription you will receive a plan that is fully compatible on all promoted websites.
  • It is not allowed to use any of the services of Coca Proxies for illegal activities.
  • Its prohibit to use our services to violate any terms and rules of any website.
  • Coca Proxies has the right to deactivate the services at any moment when abusive behaviour in terms of bandwith usage, illegal activities and any other behaviour that can harm the brand Coca Proxies is noticed.
  • Coca Proxies is not liable for any loss of residential proxy data at any time given and has the right to terminate the residential proxy data in the following situations;
    1. When switching residential suppliers.
    2. When its necessary to switch API’s.
    3. When undergoing technical changes that have impact on the connectivity of the residential proxy data.
    4. When bankruptcy occurs or the company closes business.
  • By purchasing this item you agree that products cannot be returned after sending them out. This is a non-physical product and will instantly be delivered in your user specific dashboard.
  1. Utilization:
    By purchasing the service you are allowed to temporarily use the services of Coca Proxies. The service that you purchase is bound to a specific time frame which is selected by the customer upon purchasing. This means that the purchase does not involve a transfer of goods but a transfer of permission to make use of the services of Coca Proxies. Coca Proxies will remain the owner of the products in any situation.

    When using the services of Coca Proxies you are not allowed to: 

  • Make any modifications of copies of the materials sent.
  • Use the materials for any commercial purposes such as promotional actions or reselling to other individuals or companies.
  • Share the services with other individuals or companies.
  • Reverse engineer or any other form of tracing back the source of the services.

Coca Proxies is allowed to terminate the services immediately when suspecting any violation of the restrictions mentioned in paragraph 3. of the terms and conditions.

6. Disclaimer:
Coca Proxies does not make any warranties regarding the results of using the services, the reliability of the materials provided, the speeds and quality of the services and hereby disclaims any other expressed or implied warranties.

Coca Proxies is not responsible for any data leakage caused by using the, by Coca Proxies provided, services in any way.

  1. Limitations:
    In any case, Coca Proxies will not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, damage for data loss, profit or any way of business interruption arising out of the use or the inability to use the services provided by Coca Proxies.
  2. Modifications:
    Coca Proxies reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without any prior notice. By making use of this website you are automatically agreeing the current version of the terms and conditions.

9. Jurisdiction:
The terms and conditions fall under Dutch law and all further legal proceedings occurring between customer and Coca Proxies shall be conducted as such.

10. Affiliation:
Coca Proxies is not affiliated in any way with Nike.com, Footlocker, Slamjam Socialism, Supremenewyork.com, Yeezysupply, Adidas or any other sneakerrelated brand or shop.

11. User Dashboard:
For purchases made through the user dashboard the same TOS and other policies as shown on https://www.cocaproxies.com are applicable.